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Achieving a better understanding of your customers needs is a critical element to operating a successful business.

Feedback Lite helps businesses of all shapes and sizes gain vital insights into their existing and potential customer base, enabling them to offer an increasingly well-rounded, customer focussed service, no matter what the industry.

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The Feedback Lite Dashboard

Simple, effective reporting and campaign creation.

Whether you're editing an existing campaign, creating a new feedback campaign, or reporting on your campaign performance; all this can be done from your Feedback Lite Dashboard.

The Feedback Lite Dashboard is your central hub where you can manage all your campaigns, reports, accounts, payments, and all other facets of your subscription. This simple dashboard is where you take control of your entire Feedback Lite experience from A to Z, ensuring every element of your Feedback Lite experience is working exactly how you want it to.

Feedback Lite Dashboard

Unlimited feedback campaigns.

Unlimited campaigns at a very limited cost. We think you'll like that.

Feedback Lite lets you create and run as many customer feedback campaigns as you like across each of our competitively priced packages.

This means that you can choose to run simultaneous campaigns on the same domain, or across multiple websites, generating as much feedback as you need.

Our simple to use web-based feedback tool offers a number of flexible plans that ensure that no matter how large your website visitation is, you can continue to survey your user base with confidence using Feedback Lite.

Feedback Lite Campaigns
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Multiple campaign templates

Select from an array of well-known, industry proven website widgets.

Feedback Lite currently offer five completely customizable survey templates, two email based forms, and three promo widgets.

At present, Feedback Lite offer a Multiple Choice survey template, an Open-Ended Answer template, a Rating Scale with an Open-Ended Answer Box, a Likert Scale, and a Ranking Scale. Each of these survey types come in three different sizes, and are available as either a popup or slideout option from any one of our ten on-screen locations.

In addition to our survey templates, we also provide a simple to use Contact form and Newsletter Subscription form for developing your online database, and three promo widgets to boost your on-site conversions.

Feedback Campaign Templates

Device Targeting

Display your feedback campaigns across mobile, desktop, or all devices.

Having the ability to run device specific feedback campaigns is an incredibly useful tool that can provide many key insights into your user's behavior.

With Feedback Lite you can choose to target individual devices helping you to better understand what your user base thinks about your website, whilst providing you with a great deal of flexibility when working with platform specific layouts.

So if you're looking to gain deeper insights into device specific user bases, running a feedback campaign with device specific targeting enabled is a great way to go.

Feedback Lite - Device targeting

Custom Branding

Style Feedback Lite to suit your corporate colors.

If you're looking to add Feedback Lite to your website but want to customize the colors of your survey or form...you're in luck.

With our custom color picker you can not only edit the appearance of all aspects of your feedback campaigns, but combine your custom color scheme with our white-labelling functionality for a seamless and striking visual presentation.

Go on, create your perfect, corporately-branded, website customer feedback tool!

Feedback Lite Color Picker
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Real-Time Results

Let your customers know their opinion matters with real-time polling of results.

When providing your opinion online it's only fair that you receive something in return for your time and effort. That's why at Feedback Lite we've included the ability for you to provide your customers with a progressive tally of your survey responses.

This optional feature allows you to enable real-time polling and customize the tally information your website users receive. From changes to the visual appearance of your real-time polling, to hiding overall submission totals, you'll have total control over your users' experience when using this engaging feature.

Feedback Lite - Real-Time Results Polling

Campaign Exporting

Repurpose your valuable feedback data to suit your needs.

Having the ability to create unique campaign reports external to your dashboard, or to backup and export email addresses and feedback responses to an your own infrastructure is a common requirement for modern-day organizations.

Feedback Lite currently supports the exporting of campaign data in CSV format, which is compatible with most database systems, Excel, and numerous other text-based platforms. Comma Separated Value (CSV) formatted data is the most widely used and accepted data export format today, and is available to you from all campaign overview screens within your Dashboard.

Feedback Campaign Exporting

Software flexibility

Create and run feedback campaigns the way you like.

There's nothing worse than a software vendor that restricts the amount of control you have over your service or account, leaving you to discover some time later that the software tool you're using (and paying for) doesn't quite meet your needs.

At Feedback Lite, we've made sure that you have extensive control over your feedback campaigns, right down to the very last detail. With control over almost all campaign attributes via your Feedback Lite Dashboard, you can implement an extensive array of changes to your campaigns (even after you've published them), giving you the power to capture the most crucial customer insights to you and your business.

Edit Feedback Campaign

Google Analytics integration

Don't worry. We've still got a bunch of tricks up our sleeves for you to enjoy.

If you're looking to gain further insights into how your feedback campaigns are converting, where you can improve, and the sorts of campaigns that really work for you and your business, you're in luck.

Feedback Lite works hand-in-hand with Google Analytics, allowing you to gain an enhanced performance data set on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

Whether you're interested in learning how many times your camapign was viewed, submitted, or followed up, these vital statistics can really help you to report on the success of your content marketing efforts.

Feedback Data Graphine
Feedback Stream

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