Terms and Conditions

By using the feedbacklite.com web site ("Service"), or any services of Online Solution Experts Pty Ltd ("Feedback Lite"), you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service").

General Terms

This document governs your relationship with Feedback Lite. Set forth below are the terms and conditions under which Feedback Lite makes the Internet website at www.feedbacklite.com (the "Site"), including all subdomains of that website and services (the “Services”), available for interaction to each person or entity (the "User").

These terms and conditions, together with any and all other terms, conditions, rules, policies or procedures ("Additional Terms") published on the site and related to User's use of the Site (together, this "Agreement"), which are updated from time to time by Feedback Lite, constitute a binding, legal agreement between Feedback Lite and the User.

By using the Site or the Services (including responding to feedback requests or other communications received from other Users of the Site and / or Services), each User hereby agrees to and is bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree with any of the terms of this Agreement, do not access or otherwise use this Site or the Services or any information contained on this Site. Feedback Lite may make changes to the content and Services offered on this Site at any time at their discretion.

Feedback Lite can change the terms of this Agreement at any time (including any Additional Terms). If Feedback Lite changes the terms of this Agreement, Feedback Lite will post an updated set of terms and conditions of use on this Site with a change notice and Feedback Lite may send registered users an email notice of the changes.

If any modification to this document is unacceptable to you, you shall cease using this Site and the Services. If you do not cease using this Site and the Services, you will be conclusively deemed to have accepted the change.

Each User hereby warrants that if it is a corporation or other legal entity, the User is validly formed and existing under the laws of its jurisdiction, and is engaging legally with the User(s) of the Site under no false pretences, and does not intend to incur damages on any other User(s) of the Site.

Registration and Accounts

Feedback Lite at all times protects your registration details which are stored within our secure systems, and maintains SSL data transfer practices for registration processes of all Feedback Lite services.

SSL encryption of your data is the industry standard, and we make every attempt to ensure your registration information and account details are protected at the highest possible level at all times.

All of your registration details are secured on our private infrastructure, and no personally identifiable information or information submitted by your user base which may pertain to your account is ever shared with third parties.

Subscriptions and Payments

All payments, fees, and subscriptions are handled by our financial providers Stripe and PayPal. Feedback Lite does not store any financial details whatsoever (credit or debit card numbers) on our systems.

Feedback Lite does record which payment plan you have subscribed to, and whether or not your trial period has expired. In the event your trial period does expire (after 14 days), use of the Feedback Lite service will be rendered unavailable to you until you subscribe to one of our payment plans.

Payments which are unsuccessfully processed will be requested twice by our payment provider. If a successful payment cannot be made, we will render your account unavailable until you pay your bill.

Payments are paid upfront for all services (forward), and run until the end of the payment cycle whereby a new payment will be requested (either monthly or annually). If a payment is made at the beginning of a new payment cycle, no matter how short the timeframe may be into that new cycle, the payment will NOT BE REFUNDED. You may at this point elect to cancel your subscription if you no longer wish to use the Feedback Lite Service in question.

If you believe Feedback Lite has not provided a reliable service, you may query this, but NO REFUNDS will be made. Your 14 day trial period is where all clients must make the decision to utilize the Service or not, and any usage beyond this point is at your own risk.

User Generated Content

Feedback Lite facilitates the submission of user generated responses to your account profile, however is in no way responsible for the quality of that content. Content submitted to Feedback Lite is stored securely, and barring any malicious attach is presented as it was submitted by the User to you the client in your account dashboard. This content may consist of text, user preferences, or selections made by the user. No other content is accepted by Feedback Lite, and we take all steps to ensure only material of this nature is submitted, and is carefully curated before acceptance to preserve the quality of your reporting data.

Responsibility of Website Visitors / Users

Feedback Lite is in no way responsible for the actions of website visitors or users of the Site or Services. Our products have been developed to ensure that minimal inappropriate behaviour is undertaken by the User, and we take steps to ensure any content deemed malicious is removed from our systems to ensure the integrity of your data.

When choosing to utilize the Service on your website, you do so knowing that the responsibility of website visitors to your site is your own, and in no way is Feedback Lite responsible for their actions, be they positive or negative.

Content on Other Websites

Feedback Lite is in no way responsible for content on other websites outside that of their own. Feedback Lite cannot control the publication or misuse of content on external website domains, however will endeavour to assist to void the occurrence of inappropriate content related to any of our services at all times.

In the event that content related to a Feedback Lite site or service is published on another site, without awareness or authorisation of the Feedback Lite team, and mentions either the Feedback Lite service, website or clients in relation to their use of the Feedback Lite service is a negative or perceived inappropriate manor, Feedback Lite is not responsible for this in any way, and you the client should take issue with the external website owner or operator.


When you choose to use or engage with the Site or any Feedback Lite service, you agree that Feedback Lite is not responsible for any indemnity whatsoever for any perceived or non-perceived, financial or non-financial losses you believe you may have suffered when using a Feedback Lite service.

As a result of your choice to use any of Feedback Lite’s services, you agree that no fault is to be claimed against Feedback Lite, and that you are engaging with the Service at your own risk. Any perceived loss, financial or otherwise, is at your own risk, and zero compensation will be transferred to any party as a result of using a Feedback Lite product or service.

Ownership and Security of Intellectual Property

Ownership of feedback data submitted to your account, campaigns that you have setup, custom feedback tabs you have uploaded, and all other forms of digital media related to the use of your account, are yours and yours alone. Feedback Lite does not own the result tallies of your feedback campaigns, or the individual response data from those campaigns.

Feedback Lite does own and operate the web-based infrastructure (code) that enables the retrieval and/or submission of feedback data into your account profile, excluding the servers that infrastructure sits on which is owned and operated by our external cloud storage provider. In the event of server (including database) failure or corruption which results in the loss of data related to your account, you agree that Feedback Lite is not responsible. However we do take all possible measures to ensure that your data is safe, secure and freely accessible by you, the owner of that data at all times.