Customer insights your business can rely on

Regardless of the primary language your website visitors speak, your overall monthly site visitation, corporate colors or type of customer feedback campaign you're looking to run, Feedback Lite delivers.

Customer feedback you can use to formulate and enhance your online marketing campaigns is an invaluable business asset that makes all the difference when it comes to representing your brand online.

With Feedback Lite you can create and customize feedback campaigns and questionnaires to exact specifications, that you and your teamates can use to better understand your customers using high quality data insights.

So whether you're running an eCommerce store, a popular blog, or are looking to survey visitors on your company website; Feedback Lite has got you covered.

8 simple-to-use website feedback widgets

No matter what type of feedback widget you're looking for, Feedback Lite has you covered with our extensive range of highly customizable feedback tools.

  • Multiple Choice Survey

    Add up to 5 multiple choice options to your popup or slider feedback widget. Show the progressive results of your multiple choice survey and much more.

  • Open-Ended Answer

    Looking for a more detailed set of responses from your website visitors? No problem. Survey your users with Feedback Lite's Open-Ended Answer widget.

  • Rating Scale

    How did you do? 5 out of 5? 7/10? A grumpy face or 5-stars? Let your audience rate your performance and add an optional description explaining their assessment.

  • Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

    If you're looking for a simple feedback widget that can tell you whether you're doing a good or bad job, look no further than our Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down feedback tool.

  • Ranking System

    Looking to gain a more detailed assessment of your suvey responses? If so, why not try our Ranking System widget. Rank up to 5 multiple choice options with this powerful tool.

  • Contact Form

    Configure your contact form with a combination of First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email and Message fields. Drive contextual feedback across your website with the added detail you deserve.

  • Subscribe Form

    Build your subscriber database with our Subscribe Form. Connect your subscribe form to your email marketing program or CRM using our simple-to-use API service.

  • Decision Tree

    Implement your very own decision-based survey on your website. Display an array of widget types based on your users' first and second responses within your decision tree.

All the customization you could ever need

Take control of your feedback widgets with simple, yet highly-powerful customization options that give you the control to enhance the look, feel and user targeting of your campaigns.

Create your very own color scheme

Adjust the color of each and every element of your feedback campaign to give a personalized look and feel that's perfectly tailored to your brand.

Enter simple hex-code color values (i.e. #000000) to adjust the color of your widget's text, header, buttons and layout to your brands color palette.

Color scheme example

Choose from popup or slide-out campaigns

Implement a popup or slide-out campaign and measure the success of your interactions. Select from three different size feedback widgets (i.e. S, M, L).

Whether you're after a small, medium or large campaign implementastion, all our campaigns are 100% mobile and desktop compatible.

Slide-Out Percentage

Target your website visitors

Target niche audiences by device, visitation percentage, browser, how the user came to your site, and the actions they take on your site.

If you're looking to boost the intelligence surrounding your feedback campaigns, Feedback Lite has a vast array of options for you.

User targeting on world map

Analyze your feedback responses in real-time

Export your results to CSV or analyze your results from within our real-time dashboard using our simple-to-interpret charts and data.

Discover where in the world your respondents are submitting their feedback from amongst a number of other key variables.

Feedback Lite Reporting

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