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Multiple Choice Survey

Our Multiple Choice feedback widget is one of our most popular widgets due to it's simple setup and powerful reporting. If you're looking for a Multiple Choice widget to add to your website, we recommend trying out some of the examples below combined with some of our handy automation settings:

Open-Ended Answer

If you're looking for more detailed feedback from your website visitors, why note try out our Open-Ended Answer widget. Combine this widget with our customer data capture facility for super-effective feedback widget.

Rating Scale

Survey your website visitors and allow them to provide numerical feedback combined with an open-ended text box. Configure your widget to ask for a value of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 for the numeric component depending upon the size of your widget (i.e. S, M, L).

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? Make it easy for your customers to tell you how you're tracking with this simple widget. Gather customer feedback data using our funky thumb-based widget you can customize to suit the overall look and feel of your website's UX.

Ranking System

Looking to gain a more detailed assessment of your survey responses? If so, why not try our Ranking System widget. Rank and order up to 5 multiple choice options with this powerful customer feedback tool.

Contact Form

The 'Classic Contact Form'...every site needs one. Use Feedback Lite as an intelligent contact details collection method to target users' based on their visitation habits, time on site and where they've visited you from.

Subscribe Form

Build your email database with Feedback Lite's subscription form. Connect your subscription form to your email marketing platform using our simple RESTful API or simply export your contacts directly out of Feedback Lite's dashboard.

Decision Tree

Start with a multiple choice survey and offer your respondents a different set of choices depending upon which tree they naviagte. This powerful and complex feedback widget is simplified within the Feedback Lite framework for Premier users.

Features and Configurations

Feedback Lite comes jam-packed with a wide variety of features and configurations you can apply to our entire suite of widgets as shown below.

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