About Feedback Lite

Feedback Lite is the easiest way to survey your customers online.

Each day we accept thousands of feedback submissions from companies all across the globe looking to improve their customer service, website and product offerings.

Who we are

We're passionate about helping you better understand your customer's needs. Whether this is through the implementation of simple to use customer feedback campaigns or via our developer-friendly API.

At Feedback Lite we love working with a wide variety of customers from all walks of life. Whether this is people in digital, education, Government, eCommerce, medical or any other industry, our team are committed to delivering a best-in-market customer feedback tool you can use on your website.

Founded in 2016 by Paul Dunstone, Feedback Lite's mission is to become the #1 website customer feedback tool for small to medium enterprises.

Connecting global communities

At Feedback Lite we're currently working with organizations from 44 countries around the globe and always looking to grow and connect with more fantastic website owners and entrepreneurs.

So whether you run a flower shop in New York and are looking to learn more about your customers, an eCommerce store in Delhi undertaking a growth-hacking strategy, educating students in London and seeking in-depth course feedback, or looking to grow the email database of your Sydney tourism business, Feedback Lite can help you.

So what are you waiting for? Peruse our affordable Pricing page for further details.

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